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Find A Contractor: Ways to avoid hiring a bad contractor

Contractors have a very clear reputation that proves itself true time and time again. They contract for a specific job and once they have your money they get comfortable by working slowly, missing deadlines, leaving a mess and even doing things improperly and the client is left with the a disaster because they have already invested a portion of their money with the contractor. Evidence of this can be seen in most major towns with new roads being constructed for months even years. Somehow those guys have been able to monopolize our space without even working on the project, the tools just lay around until one day eventually it gets finished.

How can you ensure that the local contractor you are hiring weather for building an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, an inground pool, or even just your landscape design needs?

It's very simple, and as a successful contractor for all outdoor living space projects in Toledo, Ohio I want to help you find the best home contractor for your project. You might ask, what qualifies me to assist you in your quest to find the best contractor? I'm glad you asked, I have run Sharper Edge in Toledo Ohio for since 2001 and I am happy to tell you that we are the exact contradiction to what most people expect of contractors. We pride ourselves on respecting your time and your deadlines. Our testimonials prove that we are punctual, organized and exceed the expectations of any project we do.

That being said there are 4 steps to take to help you find a contractor.

1. Do you like their work?

Look at pictures of their previous work. Even though you are not a licensed contractor you have a vision in your mind and the execution of their work in other projects will give you an idea of how well your project will turn out. Each contractor has their own style so don't stop looking until you find a contractor that has a style that attracts you. If possible it's great to see photos of similar projects so if you want a fire pit built, or a patio with a pergola be sure to look at those photos. If they don't have pictures available on their website, ask them to send you some and if they aren't able to show you photos that is a flag, maybe they don't have anything that they are proud of worth showing off and if that is the case, it's time to move on.

2. Read reviews

Search the internet for reviews on the company. The key to reading reviews, is finding a lot of reviews to read, this will give you a trend. In other words you are looking for consistency in what one person says to the next. If 10 people complain about their inground swimming pool deadline not being met and 3 say that it finished early, you now see that you have a greater chance of the project finishing late then on time. The key is to not just listen to 1 person, it's not easy to please everyone so if a majority are pleased and a handful are upset don't put a heavy weight on the disappointed people.

3. Meeting With Your Contractor

It is important to meet with your contractor, explain to them your vision, bring photos of similar projects that you like. They don't have to be exactly what you are looking for but the clearer you communicate the better your project will be. In this meeting you will get a feel for the personality of the contractor, are they excited, are they listening to your ideas, are they trying to improve upon your ideas?

4. Get a 3D Design

Once you have finished meeting with your contractor, depending on the complexity of the project you can request a 3D computer generated preview of your project. This is an extra step that not all contractors provide and may cost a little money upfront but before they break ground on your project from swimming pool to outdoor kitchen, you can ensure that the licensed contractor has the right visual in mind and it can help confirm that the project will look exactly as you hoped it would before you even begin!

Following these 4 steps will help you find a contractor that will work best for you. Weather you are hiring an independent contractor, general contractor, building contractor or a subcontractor these steps will help your home improvement projects from outdoor kitchens, to fiberglass pools, from fire pits to fireplaces and hiring a contractor will increase the value of your home.

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